about the rock training centre

The Rock Traning Centre is situated at the Rock Lodge in the Okahandja district (85 km from Windhoek and 12 km from Okahandja on the B2 road to Swakopmund)

The Rock Training Centre (RTC) offers educational programs that are unique and specifically designed to meet the needs of the Namibian youth. Our basic philosophy is a holistic approach to education and personal development.

We believe that through adventure and challenge, young people can be developed as leaders with the aim of identifying and fulfilling their purpose in life. Annually, between 4000 and 6000 children come to the Rock Training Centre.

Key areas of training and curriculum

On a high level our training focuses on the following 5 key areas

1. Catering for the unique needs of individual groups.Integration of leadership principles in adventurous activities.

2. Integration of leadership principles in adventurous activities

3. Helping young people understand themselves & others. (personalities, strong points/ weak points, relationships)

4. Identifying and developing the leadership potential in the lives of young people.

5. Equipping young people with strong moral values to help them make the right decisions.

The RTC’s curriculum addresses the following topics

Understanding the art of leadership

  • RTC’s Leadership Model
  • Teams

The strengthening of my character

  • Integrity
  • Attitude

To understand myself

  • Know yourself
  • Personal Behavioral Style – DISC
  • Hard Heart – Soft Heart

What am I here for and where am I going?

  • Purpose in life

How to get the job done

  • Priorities and Decision making
  • Smart Goals

Non-negotiable skills

  • Authority
  • Mentorship
  • Finances
  • Relationships

The outcome is empowered, self-assured individuals who are equipped to make independent and responsible decisions.

Team building and adventure camps

We offer a variety of teambuilding activities (both training & adventure) within the peace and serenity of the Namibian bush.
Our adventure camps (Warrior Camp for the boys and Princess Camp for the girls) challenge school leavers through various activities to discovering their strengths. They are taught to persevere and discover new possibilities in the world around them. Both camps are based on learning through experience.

The team building programs are unique and specifically designed for the individual group’s needs.

Our offering for both team building and adventure camps include the following:

1. Training on specific needs of your organization.
2. Abseiling
3. Paint balling
4. Litherium and obstacle courses
5. Compass and map reading activities (route navigation)
6. DISC analysis
7. Hiking trails

RTC accommodation

RTC can provide accommodation for the following groups:

  • Boy’s dorm rooms: 4 dorms that can sleep maximum 18 (72 boys)
  • Girl’s dorm rooms: 4 dorms that can sleep maximum 18 (72 girls)
  • Adult accommodation: 4 Wendy houses (2 single beds per Wendy house) or accommodation at the Rock Lodge (terms and conditions apply).

Training partners

All training done at the Rock Training Centre is done in partnership with:

The Rock Lodge          and The African Leadership Institute       

For more info watch our videos or make a reservation/request a quote .