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The Rock Lodge

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Trail Prayer Mountain:

From 1996 was it a great desire/dream of Dawie and Chrisna Fourie, co-owners of the lodge, to establish a prayer route at the Rock Lodge to give visitors, leaders and Christians the opportunity to spend quality time alone with the Lord in Namibian bush.
Station 12

This is a unique path that leads you to 12 prayer stations, each station focused on distinctive features of God’s character, as described in the Word. These characteristics are symbolically represented and underscored by verses from Scripture.

The walking trail allows you to spend quality time with yourself and the Lord, giving Him opportunity to speak through His Word and His Spirit into your life.

Station 1: To be still before the Lord, focusing on His creation, on nature, on Him. Take time to honor, praise and glorify God.

Station 2: Being still, focusing on God who is in control, who can still any storm in our lives, as He has done before, and has dominion over creation.

Station 3: To be still, thank God for our families, pray for them and accept our responsibility to love them, encourage and empower them, as our highest priority on earth for the glory of God.

prayer mountain Station 4: through the gate, meditating on Jesus who is the only gate to bring life - in abundance and forever (John 10:7-14)

Station 5: Kneeling down between the Namibian rocks and tasting fresh water while we are thinking of the living water from whom we will drink and never get thirsty again. (John 4:13)

Station 6: Walk the path of repentance towards the cross while we are reminded of our sins and again have time to confess them one by one.

Reading Station 7: Being part of our Lord's Crucifixion. Looking at the three crosses, but physically also taking up our own cross.

Station 8: Give thanks to Jesus for what He has done for us. Give thanks for everything and for every circumstance we are in (I Tess. 5:16-18)

Station 9: Because He has forgiven all our sins, we have to forgive ourselves and others as well. If not He will torture us (Matt. 18:23-35) and will not forgive our sins. Take time to make sure you have forgiven everybody! (Matt. 6:14-15)

Praying Station 10: Between the three trees and the rock, we must seek the Lord's face on where we are with Him:
Bear no fruit = being rebuked/chastened/scourged
Bear little fruit = being pruned
Bear much fruit = abiding in Him
(John 15 and Hebrew 12)

Station 11: While meditating on Rom. 12:1 we are offering ourselves for Him, His Kingdom, His calling in our lives and confirming our commitment by adding our stone to the altar (Matt. 28:16-20; Phil. 3:12-14; Ex. 3:14)

Station 12: Celebrating the empty grave, the victory over death, satan and sin. Accepting our responsibility to rise from the dead as well, and to rule with Jesus.