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The Food Production Project at the Rock Lodge

Still in its infant stages, the Food Production project at the Rock Lodge is being put in place to supply the Lodge with its own fruit, vegetables and meat products, thereby eliminating the need to buy food from retail outlets. At the moment the project consists of a 52m x 30m fruit orchard, a 65m x 40m vegetable patch, and a 0.6 hectare field for the production of lucerne and maize. This last field is for the benefit of the sheep and geese which we keep at the Lodge, which we are rearing for the purpose of meat supply to the Lodge. Irrigation water comes from a nearby borehole which collects in a dam from where it is pumped to the gardens. We use natural organic fertilizer products only to enrich the soil. We also have a breeding area for earthworms, which we distribute to the different gardens regularly.

A lot of what happens in this project is still experimentation. If it proves successful, we will consider extending the food production project even more.

Why is this necessary?

  • Namibia is a fertile country with lots of potential, potential which is severely under-utilised. Because of a dependency mentality that have developed over a 107 year period of foreign rule, we are only now starting to get into a culture of sound leadership, entrepreneurship and taking initiative. Various farmers have realised that enough food can be produced locally to supply in Namibia`s food needs, the success of several similar food production projects countrywide attest to that.
  • Though people generally are uneasy about the subject, we know that a time is coming when the nations will be in turmoil (Psalm 2:1), the world will be subjected to a period of hardship (Matthew 24:7,8 & 21,22), humanity will be plagued by a global financial collapse (Revelation 6:5,6), and only those who truly know God will be strong and do great exploits, they will have understanding and instruct many (Daniel 11:32,33).
Together with food for the hungry, there will be spiritual nourishment and wise counsel coming out of the Rock Lodge.

Wessel Smit, Michael Lukas, and Ananias Dulla
The personnel responsible for the Food Production project: Nerine Erasmus

To contact the staff running the project or to arrange a visit, write to us at info@rocklodge.com.na